Sewerage and WWTP Shiroke

Rreth projektit

During the last years ALB-STAR shpk has paid great attention to several Projects in Infrastructure.

Until now ALBSTAR has rehabilitate and recontructed about 70 km of asphalt roads in Albanian Projects.

The company has successfully compleated the reconstruction fo the Roads such as: Himare e Vjeter – Potam Korite – Liqenas Ruzhdie – Siqec Sevaster to Kalivac 5 Maji – Selaudin Zorbat and the construction of 3 km asphalt road Unaza e Re- Mulllet.


Our project in Shiroke for KFW and ADA and SECO had e value of 1,400.000€ and comprised all the following processes: Screening, Pumping, Aerating, Removing Sludge, Removing Scum, Killing Bacteria, Wastewater Residuals.

This means that we did a 360-degree improvement of the water system, including rock removal, dead animals removal into a “chlorine contact” tank, which is used to kill bacteria. The work done here was not only important fro Shiroke, but also the whole Northern Albania