Highway Construction Unaza e Re – Mullet

Rreth projektit

Highway Construction, Unaza e Re – Mullet, Lot 1

Start Date: 06.01.2011

End Date: 28.12.2012

Contracting Authority: General Directorate of Roads

Construction of the segment at the entrance of the capital city, on a completely new track, coupled with the arrangement of the stream and the slopes and links to the infrastructure of the area, giving it further development. Operating from 2012-2013 as the widest road in the country, with 4 lanes in each direction, one of which is a dedicated emergency lane, with traffic lanes coupled with green and central lanes, creating the introduction of European standards for the capital.

Project Challenges:

Construction of works of art with the application of modern technologies, for the realization of monolithic concrete structures, as well as various geotechnical interventions, holding structures merging to the environment as much as possible by using natural decorative elements such as stone or vegetation.